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Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise - ...If u only knew...

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November 27th, 2006

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11:04 pm - Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise

"All other sounds stopped, and it was just the two of themas he looked into her eyes and asked her to love him, and she felt dizzy because he meant it, whatever else was going on, whatever else was happening between them, this was real.  Even if it was just for this moment, and its just for this moment, it was real, and he loved her, and it was better than anything she could of dreamed of, and she felt her heart ache, felt it clench in her chest because she loved him so much she couldn't stand it. Dont do this to me, she thought as he sang, don't break my heart, I don't deserve this, please don't, and when he finished perfectly on key with "I love you, and always will" the silene around them was defening. Oh God, Min thought, and looked in his eyes and sawthe same surprise there, and regret and confusion, and she thought, It wasn't him, its this thing thats haunting us, he didn't mean it."

from the book i'm reading.....I can't put the book down.....can I get any more pathetic? :*-(


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