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April 2nd, 2007

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05:55 pm - so cool

Hello, its been ages but i'm bored and felt like writing. Man isn't it weird how no one does this anymore? I remember checking it or writing every single day! Now myspace has taken over the world...haha kinda pathetic but its fun.
So being 21 is awesome the only bad thing is when i'm drunk I think i'm loaded and spend way too much money, I need a sugar daddy haha. This past month was truely a drunken fiasco...with my birthday and Kerby's man o man crazy times but all worth it....i used chaser for the first time and am seriously considering investing in it....me and my crazy hangovers aren't gunna fly.  

I am so broke its not even funny but next week i have 6 shifts and I will pick up more so I will be ok and i'm getting taxes money really soon as well so I'll be good to go.  

i think the best thing for me right now would be a massage...damn I need one from jon hoydic right now!! haha

I've been feeling so blah lately I need to find me a boyfriend or he needs to find me...that'd be GREAT.
Summer is just right around the corner and i'm pumped for it...I mean really what will I be doing thats different from now...working, drinking, sleeping, reading...hanging with my best buds Kerby and Ashley and Terra and my scs friends...and rosemary will be home but im pretty sure she's gunna be lameO... toooo bad shes coming to canada with me, even if I have to drag her ass!!!!!!! 

But yea fall will be her within no time and i'll be back at school...haven't decided where tho...prob Macomb or OCC...I dunno I don't want to go at all but i'm pretty sure my rents will make me...they said that if i don't go back they're gunna kick me out but they always say that and plus I might be moving out with kerby...or summer or myself...all I need to do is win the lotto...bc well we all know i can't save up for shit. But yea my life consists of working, drinking, and being hungover...eww I sound so pathetic! Ahhh I need a new crush or a boyfriend, I miss having a boyfriend so much, I don't miss him just the whole having someone ya know? Ya its pretty silly bc I know that I love being single and going out and with my friends and making out with boys...which even tho I am in the competition with kerby, megan and shanny....its still so hard for me to make out bc i'm a wussy even when i'm drunk! I miss my airforce love....and I miss my canadian frankie haha...too bad either of those are options right now. 

Ok I have to shower and eat something? I dunno i'm so nausiated blahhhh then later its java hut with my lovlies...yea were cool.

later homies.

p.s I can't wait for Reggae!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: rocket summer-skies so blue

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Date:April 5th, 2006 01:28 am (UTC)
I love that you write in here. I just cant do it anymore, and i dont know why. O MY i just got excited when you said regee.. maybe this time you can be wasted and fall in love with another boy in the line for the bus. good times Love it.
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Date:April 5th, 2006 06:47 am (UTC)
hahaahahah i love that you were like the only one to witness my fall in love with boy for 10 minutes stunt...it was funnnnnny. ok can't wait for reggae...gunna be SAWEEEEEET!!

ahah i love how random my entry was haha

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