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April 2nd, 2007

05:55 pm - so cool

Hello, its been ages but i'm bored and felt like writing. Man isn't it weird how no one does this anymore? I remember checking it or writing every single day! Now myspace has taken over the world...haha kinda pathetic but its fun.
So being 21 is awesome the only bad thing is when i'm drunk I think i'm loaded and spend way too much money, I need a sugar daddy haha. This past month was truely a drunken fiasco...with my birthday and Kerby's man o man crazy times but all worth it....i used chaser for the first time and am seriously considering investing in it....me and my crazy hangovers aren't gunna fly.  

I am so broke its not even funny but next week i have 6 shifts and I will pick up more so I will be ok and i'm getting taxes money really soon as well so I'll be good to go.  

i think the best thing for me right now would be a massage...damn I need one from jon hoydic right now!! haha

I've been feeling so blah lately I need to find me a boyfriend or he needs to find me...that'd be GREAT.
Summer is just right around the corner and i'm pumped for it...I mean really what will I be doing thats different from now...working, drinking, sleeping, reading...hanging with my best buds Kerby and Ashley and Terra and my scs friends...and rosemary will be home but im pretty sure she's gunna be lameO... toooo bad shes coming to canada with me, even if I have to drag her ass!!!!!!! 

But yea fall will be her within no time and i'll be back at school...haven't decided where tho...prob Macomb or OCC...I dunno I don't want to go at all but i'm pretty sure my rents will make me...they said that if i don't go back they're gunna kick me out but they always say that and plus I might be moving out with kerby...or summer or myself...all I need to do is win the lotto...bc well we all know i can't save up for shit. But yea my life consists of working, drinking, and being hungover...eww I sound so pathetic! Ahhh I need a new crush or a boyfriend, I miss having a boyfriend so much, I don't miss him just the whole having someone ya know? Ya its pretty silly bc I know that I love being single and going out and with my friends and making out with boys...which even tho I am in the competition with kerby, megan and shanny....its still so hard for me to make out bc i'm a wussy even when i'm drunk! I miss my airforce love....and I miss my canadian frankie haha...too bad either of those are options right now. 

Ok I have to shower and eat something? I dunno i'm so nausiated blahhhh then later its java hut with my lovlies...yea were cool.

later homies.

p.s I can't wait for Reggae!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: rocket summer-skies so blue

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February 23rd, 2007

05:42 pm - everyone knows...i'm in over my head
Sup, well I guess I have nothing really exciting to tell you. My life really hasn't been anything to write home to mom about. I drank monday night, last night and I will be drinking saturday night. And I really don't know why I do it....the hangovers are torture, i'm wondering if anyone gets them as bad as me? I need to invest in some chaser perhaps?

Hmm I woke up this morning...eww and after laying around for awhile I went and rented Redeye and Proof, I liked both. I also bought In Good Company. I'll prob. watch that later. I don't know whats on the agenda for today or tomorrow but i should prob. stay away from spending money...although I did spend 60 on the COLDPLAY concert....which was worth every penny. I am so in love with Coldplay..well who isn't? besides jenny and julie (loooosers)....Anyway they saved my fav song off x & y....track 4.....for last o man how in love was I! But anyways after the amazing concert I went to veda's and drank wine, aww I miss them girls!

Soooo I think I will shower and possibly for to barnes in noble...who knows

I need to go tanning

I need to clean my room

pray that I don't owe when taxes are done...ecks!

wait anxiously for season 6 of Gilmore Girls to come out on dvd

Read my 8 books and then go buy more and read them

await my 21st....in 17 days....i'm so excited. My b-day celebration is the 15th....and all I want from all my friends is to come bc I love u all and it will mean soo much to me <33

ok well no one writes in this thing anymore I think everyone should start again

p.s Listen to the Fray...especially {over my head (cable car)} <~~~~in love with it !
Current Mood: crappycrappy
Current Music: The Fray-over my head (cable car)

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February 10th, 2007

05:01 pm - fuckin hallmark

Hello friends that still read this thing....so its Valentines day soon and i was wondering what everyone is doing...i'm not working and I really would love to get incredibally drunk....so let me know if anyone is down for this special day.

P.s I will be 21 in 31 days and my b-day celebration is on March 15th...let me know if your coming...its 18 and up so you all better go....

Much love,


p.s2 if anyone is doing anything fun tonight u best invite me otherwise you'll find me at Barnes and Noble...reading like the dork that I am.


Current Mood: cynicalcynical
Current Music: Garden State Soundtrack

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January 24th, 2007

03:05 pm - L O V E

My Birthday is in 47 days.....i'm really excited....

thats all....


p.s I miss my away friends and my scs crew!!!

Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: no music...but about to read :)

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January 14th, 2007

10:00 pm - would u turn back time if u could?

So i don't know anymore. I'm not in school, which honestly feels right. I don't feel like i'm missing anything and I don't have any desire to go back just yet. It was just a waste of time and money. I hate being that girl.....but I just couldn't go through with it....what is it that I am doing then? Well working quite a bit....and well not much else. I bought 7 books and was given a few as gifts...and after kerby reads "my friend leonard" I'm reading that as well.....and sometimes I go out and drink it up....but i dunno I don't do much else then work. I work 7 shifts next week. I mean it sucks but I need the money. I would really like to save up money....for my bills, moving out one day....a rainy day....my b-day week (by the way....57 days)...not like i'm counting every minute or anything...

But yea I don't have much for ya....well last night went to ann arbor with kerb and we seen our fav band play...they really truely are so good. I wish and hope for them to make it big....i'm tellin ya they are awesome.

I miss rosemary

I need to workout regularly and lose weight

I really need a boyfriend. :(

I need to get my mirror fixed

I need to win the lotto and move to london.

I need to get wasted.



...later G's


Current Mood: indifferentindifferent
Current Music: Lifehouse-breathing

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January 1st, 2007

01:08 pm - heres to the new year....

So its offically 2006 :) I am so excited for this year. I will be 21 in 71 days for starters and just the fact that i'm starting over, a brand new day. I love it I hope everyone had a good new years and drank the night away, kissed at midnight, danced your bum off, laughed with good friends, cheered to the new year....or even made some FAT cash like kerby, I hope u all had an awesome new years :) Good times to come and I could not be more ready!!!!

new years resolution....besides the obvious lose weight and workout.....HAVE FUN, live life, make alot of money...do what I want and also get me a man....teheh ok ppl i'll check u later.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: my humps

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December 21st, 2006

09:07 am - dude i'll be 21 in 82 days

So i dunno who actually reads this thing anymore but here goes nuthin....its christmas in 4 days...holy cow! I am just about done shopping, just have to get another thing for my dad, prob a nautica shirt, I have to get something for my godson from catching fireflies....and since i'm there i'll prolly get something for my friends. O ya and bitch them out about my watch. But after that i'm done shopping. I wish I had more money I would buy so much for others...but since i'm kinda broke and champps sucks my ass....boo for being broke.

So I work a double today, tomorrow night, friday is my fam christmas party at my uncles snotty country club (gayyy) then hopefully i'm getting wasted after, whose with me?!?!? Saturday I work in the am but not for long then off to my cousins....christmas eve's will never be the same :( Christmas day is gunna suck too bc its just me and my family this year....r.i.p grandma and grandpa....i miss them soooo much.

But christmas day i want to see a movie then maybe drink....i dunno whatever.

I wonder if i work monday...if i don't then whose coming shopping with me?!?! I want to get this Northface coat soooooo bad, its a beaut....its white and puffy and has fur....ahhh i'm in love.

Ok I should get ready for work. come visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LoVe lOvE

Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: copeland

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December 9th, 2006

05:22 pm - santa is cominggg

So it snowed.....then it snowed some more...Mazda's are not NOT made for the snow :-X this should make for an interesting winter blahhhh. But yea i've been working my butt off lately too bad i'm going out tonight and will prob get wasted...all well my life story. I work a double the next two days....so hopefully i make some fat cash. I can't WAIT til ash and rosemary come home from school! I miss u guys!!!!! canada night for sure for a celebration :):) Ok gunna go watch a movie and chill then get ready to drink tonight. yeayaaaaaaa

p.s please pray for my friend Felicity, she was in a really bad car accident and needs all the prayers she can get <3

1. male friend: Joe
2. female friend: Rosemary, Kerby
3. Vacation: hmm upnorth in the summer/winter
4. age: soon to be the big 2 1
5. memory: being in love, all the good times with my bestest friends, getting my car :)
1. Time of day: school can go suck a big one
2. Day of the week: tuesdays and thurdays (school)
3. Food: brussel sprouts( i agree ashley!) and raw onions...and the gross kind of ranch
4. Memory: back when my parents used to fight, back in the day when i was a shy lil fucker with no friends and couldn't go anywhere

5. Boyfriend or girlfriend: well i've only had one
1. Person u saw: mommy dearest
2. Person you talked to on the phone: jenny!
3. Person you hugged: wow i don't even know

4. Email/message: umm becki
5: IM: kerbster

1. Kiss: brad.....lol yep the pizza cook in the back storage room....wow was i cool or what
2. Serious bf or gf: u know
3. Car: i miss the sat so much
4. First school: st. bedes
5. Job: buddys! i miss it
1. What are you doing now: sitting here filling out a gay survey
2. Tonight: BAR or something along those lines with my fac scs crew
3. Wearing: sweater, pj pants
4. what did you eat for lunch: PF Changs with brenda :)
5: Better than yesterday: sureee
1. Sleeping in: i wish! i have to work a double! hangover city
2. Got any plans: working all stinkin day
3. Goals: to make 300 this weekend
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: hangover city
5. Do you have work: ummm look above
1. Number: 24 has always stuck out
2: Song: ahhhh def Remy Zero-Fair
3. Color: blue, green, brown

4. Season: autumn for shizzle
5. State: i like chicago illinois baby

1. Are you in love: nope
2. Dating someone: i wish
3. Missing someone: yea, my friends away at school
4. Mood: full still from PF's!!!!

5. Wanting: to get wasyed, its been like 5 days

Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: remy zero-fair

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December 2nd, 2006

10:18 pm

so rosemary is gunna get mad at me cuz i had to sign in here up at central and sign her off....alll well she knows i love her.....wel were partying....why am i online...i dunno i'm pathetic and just wanted to tell everyone that in exactly 100 days i will be 21. Yes i know its still perdy far away but i don't care its a big deal in my book. yeahyeaaaaaa


so write this down, march12th is my b-day and march 15th is my partay at JD's piano bar in poniac....be there or be square...seriously its gunna be awesome!!!


100 days don't forget!!!!

ok back to drinking i go for tinas surprisepartay and boy washe surprised!!! ok bye lovessss

p.s gold digger is playing on the radio and it reminds me of my scs girls! i love u all!

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: gold digger!

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November 27th, 2006

11:04 pm - Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise

"All other sounds stopped, and it was just the two of themas he looked into her eyes and asked her to love him, and she felt dizzy because he meant it, whatever else was going on, whatever else was happening between them, this was real.  Even if it was just for this moment, and its just for this moment, it was real, and he loved her, and it was better than anything she could of dreamed of, and she felt her heart ache, felt it clench in her chest because she loved him so much she couldn't stand it. Dont do this to me, she thought as he sang, don't break my heart, I don't deserve this, please don't, and when he finished perfectly on key with "I love you, and always will" the silene around them was defening. Oh God, Min thought, and looked in his eyes and sawthe same surprise there, and regret and confusion, and she thought, It wasn't him, its this thing thats haunting us, he didn't mean it."

from the book i'm reading.....I can't put the book down.....can I get any more pathetic? :*-(


Current Mood: lonelylonely

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