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November 21st, 2006

03:19 pm - 34 days til x-mas

So I feel like no one ever does this anymore, livejournal and all....but i'll update annnnyway.

So its been fun lately, a whole lot of drinking. But I dunno if I can keep doing it so much. I feel like I have a heavy heart and my pants are getting oftly snug. I reallly need to workout...badly. This past weekend was good times, ferris trip was so fun, especially the car ride, the case in the car, the million prank calls by jenny, beer pong, my amazing pass out, and REST AREA REST AREA!! lol good times with the scs crew. Saturday was a high school reunion for cassies finally 19th b-day. Kegs are always a good times. So many cute pics which will be up eventually.  Sunday I was o so hungover, but laura, julie and I ate thanksgiving dinner over jennys haha it was oo so good. Then me and kerb went and seen Walk the Line...it was so good, I could've cried if I wasn't so strong...lol but really it was good and reese witherspoon is so pretty!

 I work tonight and thursday double (yes i know thanksgiving)....but I want to work tuesday and/or wed.....i need the money for this weekend :) Chiiicagoooo :)

Today me and kerb went to platos, I made some fast cash, yeayaaa then some target and Panera. I am so in love with the french onion at panera I could eat it every single day.

Welp, Opera is gunna be a goood show today, i'm mad I have to miss it:( And I will most likely miss the real world, but mtv is all about the reruns.

Chistmas is so near, they are already selling christmas trees!!! o wow....not to be emo but this year isn't gunna be the best. I kinda just want it to be over with. Although I am looking forwards to everyone being home for school!

p.s my b-day is in 111 days....yes that'd be my 21st b-day I'm so pumped :-D

Current Mood: chubby
Current Music: wham-last christmas

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November 6th, 2006

11:06 am - i love apple juice

So its sunday...i've been sober since tuesday afternoon (after my monday party til I blackout session)...It hasn't been easy. But the sad thing is that everyone just expects me to be drunk on the weekends...and they would talk to me like I was.....and I was like ummmm

I did miss the last tailgate up at central....boo for that but don't u fret cmu/wmu weekend is next and u best believe i'll be there!  And the weekend after is ferris....so good times to come.

Neways last night I had the weirdest dream. I can't even explain it but I fell in love. Lol we were at walmart or something and me and someone where screwing up a part of the outside greenhouse at walmart and he got mad at us but I keep doing bad things like I turned on this large water hose and ruined his whole section and the next morning he was homeless or something with a laptop and we hung out even tho he was mad at me and aim was involved and then i dunno we had a connection.....talk about WEIRD!

But I gtg get ready to be the hottest godmother:)



Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: aqualung!!!!!

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November 1st, 2006

12:15 pm

I am sooo stupid, so listen up I went out last night bc hell its Halloween, lets get drunk....but no instead I got f'n wassstteeeddd went to the Baltimore, drank wayyy too much, LOST MY DEBIT CARD, my mom just now made me cancel it ,the new one is in the mail......i'm so stupid, how the f do u lose a debit card?!?!?! Last night was insane...I can't belive I called him, AND he came to pick me up. I was wassssted. O good lord I'M STILL DRUNK, its 12:10 I have to shower, write a paper and turn it in. I have to skip my econ class....shit. dude i'm so pathetic right now. Hhahahah i thought i was locked out this morning, so i went to cousino and got the key from my brother, he just laughed at me, I talked to rich and got a visitors pass (school looks soooo weird) and then i talked to the east house lady, i forget her name but i was her aid all through my senior year....crazy night and crazy morning....I HAVE TO WRITE A PAPER RIGHT NOW.


dude i'm so fucked ....and i didn't go home with him....god damit! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

p.s i miss kerby!!!!!

Current Music: dude i'm so drkn

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October 28th, 2006

04:52 pm - the weather turned cold...

So check it....


But anyways I don't think the situation is too bad. The guys at Mazda were so totally fricken awesome/ helpful and cool, I am so grateful for that. I have a cute lil white new escape for a rental so i'm def. not complaining. But I do however miss my car, its my baby! hah But tonight is still up in the air, I want to hang out with the shores girls but they're all about the over 21 deal tonight....dude I don't have an id. So I guess I'll wait for Kerb then we'll go to the hall. I f'n love my costume so much, I would wear it anywhere ;-)* All I want to do is drink and have a good time, I don't care what I do! I'm down for whatever.

But to sum it up, my life consists of drinking, working and a wee bit of school since I only have 2 classes now... I fricken hate living at home, and I need to move out, I'm looking at January, I don't care if I have to find a random roomate, I'm out. My mom is such a bitch and sometimes ...a horrible mom, seriously how can u not want to know ur daughter. Bc at this point in my life, she knows nothing and i'm not about to try to make her want to be my friend. And my dad is such an awesome person but even he doesn't want to know me, I feel like there just there to sign for my car, and phone and insurance...I mean come on... When I have kids, I want to be their best friends, the person who knows everything, the good the bad the horrible..I want to be involved with their lives....like Roy and Lorelie. I would never raise a child without even knowing them. It amazes me how parents are all about their lil babies and then they grow up and they can't handle it. Why would u have a kid if u can't handle being a parent? All I know is my ultimate goal in life is to be the best mom on earth.

Whatever, the one thing my parents have taught me is alcholism is life, so thats what i'm gunna do. Party my life away.

Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: Coldplay

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October 17th, 2006

04:26 pm - What am I 70??!?!

So long story short...i freaked out bc i had a rash on my chest...breast and it turned out to be shingles?!?! who the fuck gets shingles at 20? well me. I went to the doctors...by myself bc my parents are in the Dominican and I couldn't get ahold of them....and yep, thank goodness my mom decided to leave me a 5 page note with info and emergency numbers, insurance card and her checkbook bc well I used all of them today. But i'm fine I was given very expensive drugs and I have a work note. I didn't have to go to work today. Which kinda sux bc I need the money but I seriously feel like shit and these shingles f'n hurt. So yea Carolynn is the most unlucky person in the world.

Anyway this weekend was Homecoming up at central, had a grand ol time. Friday night we played beer pong, I really never drank the beer, I mainly bonged it. Its the way to go. Then Saturday we woke up VERY early and began to drink and proceeded to tailgate, We were all pretty wasted at 10 am....me and kippen bonged beers! at 10 am!!! haha love it. After getting completely wasted we all passed out and woke up got a keg and began drinking again. I couldn't drink til like 3 in the morning, were some of us went down to N1 and played power hour...lol it was good times. But it was an overall good weekend except for my mystery rash and sudden illness sunday....all well I guess i'm not dieing.

I work alot this week and have school, Friday is cedar point with the shores girls right?!?! i'm so pumped for cedar point.

I also really want to go to a haunted house or cider mill satuday! whose with me!?!?!

ok i'm going to rest up and take a bunch of drugs. later

Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: keith urban-your my better half

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October 13th, 2006

07:26 pm - february, january, MARCH, april, may......
Helllo so i'm chillin in the library....today was a kinda pointless day. I woke up....thanks to kerby. Got ready then came to school. Took notes in econ, was let out an hour and a half early...mmm ok then sat in the library. Nick Mick from champps scarde the hell outta me and i screamed pretty loud in the silent library. Then I went to my theatre class, watched a movie on live theatre...laughed alot then took notes. Decided that since I DON'T have to pay for my 500 deductible for my car accident, I should celebrate and go shopping at The Village. Well I spent alil more then I should've but i needed to get fall clothes, I don't really even have shoes yet. But I got some cute stuff. Then I called greg from work to see if he wanted to go with me to see "The Waiting Room" here at OU and he was already planned to go saturday and he had a date with some guy?!?! lol geesh he always goes on dates. How come I've been on like....2 dates or something my whole life. I have issues. But w.e the play starts soon and after wasting hmmm o yea an entire day here I can't wait to go up to central tomorrow. O yea goood news!!! jenny, me, laura,julie and faith? are all going to cedar point!!!!! I think friday....o man i'm so excited!! AHHHHHHHHHHH O my god this girl in the library is talking sooo loud on her cell phone....how rindiculoussss But u know whats bad, i have been biting the crap outta my fingers and nails its bad, gosh I kinda need to get nails again just becuz i bite my fingers sooo bad. blah O ya last nite was fun, I worked a double, got off super early so I decided to meet everyone at jd's for Khoa's b-day! Awww he was sooo wasted, he got kicked out at like 12:30. Hhaha its not a fun birthday til u puke and get kicked out!!! But it was good times, I was sober suzie which was fine. I drove home kerby, megan and alisha and bc they were alll drunk, i took em to coney...ok so i ate too (i'm chubby alright) and it was perdy darn funny! O yea that reminds me only 150 days til my birthday!! And in advance Tiffany (my friend from work) and I are having alil b-day celebration at jd's...it'll prob be the 15th of march...which is a wednesday....lol ok so i may be getting alittle ahead of myself but I don't care, I'm excited all right! Hmmmm I guess thats all I have, so its not so exciting. I don't always live a very "COOL" life. One other thing, my parents leave this sunday for a whole stinkin god damn week for their anniversary! peace the f out! bring me back something snazzzzy :)muhaha Ok you go and have urself a good evening. <33
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: I wish I had an ipod!!

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October 11th, 2006

07:37 pm - i'm passing one class!!!

.....make a wish.....Collapse )

lovely song....learn to love itCollapse )

Current Mood: geekygeeky
Current Music: aqualung!!!!!

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October 7th, 2006

04:36 pm - happy happy birthday :)

So this may be a tad early but I couldn't wait any longer.....this is an entry dedicated to my best friend in the whole wide world. I know that I can always count on her to be there.. today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives. I trust her in every way especially her advice, she is seriously one of those ppl who you can always depend on, someone who when you feel out of it....she will take u back to reality, shes the most level headed person i know.  When i'm not feeling like myself, all I have to do is call her....even tho shes livin it up at central, shes always there for me. I loooove u rosemary!! We've gone through so much together and I promise best friends forever. Remember we think alike :)





p.s Central this weekend is gunna be goood times. Next weekend as well 8-)

p.s2 Happy early b-day to miss becki wood as well!!!!

Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: lebanese blonde

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October 6th, 2006

09:08 am - oooo fun

20 random facts about me

1) I've decided to not go to my first two classes today.....

2)i feel really fat in these jeans i'm wearing but i find it motivation to get skinny

3)I love the new coldplay song-fix you. Seriously its been on repeat for 4 days

4)I am so excited for CENTRAL this weekend

5)I think I like 2 ppl.....but one more then the other...but he doesn't call and the other one is a too easy of a catch...and hes all about games

6)I am so excited for Halloween, I really want to be a budlight girl!!

7)I love my work sometimes but laura and I from work were talking about how we should find other jobs....

8)My fav show in the whole wide world iS Gilmore Girls.

9)I hate my hair

10)Sometimes I feel like i'm dying...like one day i'm gunna go to the doctor and they're gunna tell me i only have a few days left to live...is that weird? I think about that all the time

11)I really want a boyfriend for the holidays :(

12)thanksgiving and christmas are gunna blow this year. R.I.P grandma and grandpa

13)I need to get wasted

14)I wish I could just play the lotto and win HUGE, i swear i'd give all my friends alot of money

15)I need to go visit miss faith up at Ferris!

16)I want to go to cedar point or macinaw island before it gets too cold!!!!

17) I need to start reading again....and painting....whats the matter with me?

18)I am not going back to school next semester....no way no how

19)I really really want to move out

20)I need to go buy clothes, shoes, dvd's, cds and an ipod


Current Mood: fat
Current Music: coldyplay

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October 4th, 2006

07:56 pm - listen to fallout boy

So I am officially perplexed. Should I just stick it out and barely pass my way too difficult classes or drop out....

Anyway today as I got to my last class of the day and pulled out my book to read...i noticed everyone pulling out scantrons and someone asked the kid next to me for a pencil....well yep so you could guess what I forgot to study for this past weekend. Son of a monkey. But I did however have a fun weekend. Friday predrank at Veronica's then went to Nick's going away bash...I drank 2 bottles of wine and bonged two beers and I wasn't that bad....yowsa. But I did however manage to makeout with two ppl that night, no names will be mentioned. Saturday night was dedicated to the shores girls. Kegger fun and CONEY and jenny drunk dialed my friday night makeout man asking if he could introduce her to any hot friends....lol who does that?!?! But it was a good weekend...minus the fact that i'm a failure in life and didn't study.

Also I did somehow manage to put a good 6 hundy in the bank the past week or so, go me on that one. By next week for sure I will be able to pay GMAC for my latest and greatest smasharoo.

And then after I pay that off then I will begin to pay my mom 100 every week and let the saving begin for next years trips. Because I'm gettin the hell outta here, wether ur comin or not!!

I work tomorrow double, thursday night foodrun and friday morning...then jami and I are headed up for CMU. Its gunna be a good time, Its rosemarys 19TH birthday weekend!!! So its gunna be a blast. And I'm so glad Jami and I are such good pals now, I seriously love that girl.

So life is kinda confusing the hell outta me....guys...school...money....work....guys...and the 3 entries made by laura jenny and faith got me TOO thinking way too much about love....haha THANKS guys. But w.e my stress headache will never go away.....but i'm off to watch my fav show in the world GG then after that over to melissa's bc I need to talk to her, I just realized I tell her everything. She knows more then anyone I think. ok goodnite.

Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: sophomore slump or comeback of the year

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